Stained Concrete in Gastonia

Want a more custom, unique decorative look on your driveway or sidewalk? Concrete Gastonia offers concrete staining services. 

If you want to make your home appear more unique and interesting, then consider using Stained concrete. Imagine a stained concrete paint technique which shows its own distinctive appearance.

Like other art work, there are just no two Stained concrete floors which are exactly alike. A variegated, antique look is the result. Stained concrete provides a unique and personal appearance that can’t be duplicated in any other form of painting or coating. Its uniqueness has attracted many people to its use as a ground covering, but its practicality has also made it popular in homes and offices.

Concrete is a very solid material and has the ability to withstand very high temperatures. This property, along with the fact that it doesn’t absorb water, makes concrete a good choice for flooring. The high strength, durability, and ability to withstand the most extreme temperature conditions, make concrete an excellent choice for building and construction.


    Stained concrete does not require the application of stain, but it will require the initial cleaning before the application of stain. It’s important that the floor is properly cleaned prior to staining application in order to ensure the best outcome. After the stain is applied, however, the floor should be rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry completely.

    Stains come in several different colors and types. They can be applied over a surface with a pad or brush. A pad will allow the stain to run over the surface and provide a more even surface. A brush application allows the stain to spread across the entire surface, creating a more uniform, even application.

    Stains can also be applied by hand. By spraying the stain directly on to the concrete surface, the amount of stain and how well it covers the surface will depend on the quality and type of stain. Some staining jobs may require the use of a roller to spread the stain over the surface evenly and completely.

    Stains can be easily removed with soap and water. Before applying any type of stain, it’s important to first wipe away any debris that might have collected in the area. Once the area is thoroughly vacuumed, the stain will be able to adhere itself to the dirt.

    If the stain begins to peel, it may be necessary to remove it using a solvent such as bleach. to restore the original look and feel of the concrete.

    To restore a floor, you need to allow the stain to sit for a few days to give it time to set. You should never apply the stain directly onto a wet floor, and it’s important to leave plenty of time between application and actual application of the stain.

    The time spent actually cleaning and reapplying the stain depends on the type of stain and the type of floor. If the flooring has already been stained, a professional cleaner will be able to restore it for you.

    Stained concrete is one of the best ways to give your floor a new look and feel. It’s a great way to add a new, fresh look to a floor without the expense and time needed to completely replace the old floor.

    If you’re looking for a new flooring option, stained concrete is an excellent option to consider. Even if your home or office has already been damaged by stains, stained concrete offers a simple, cost-effective solution.

    A professionally installed stain can make all of the difference in your home or office. Stain removal is an easy task, and you’ll soon find that you won’t be doing any maintenance at all when you have your stain done professionally.

    Stain removal also takes up a lot less time and money than many other types of floor restoration. Because stained concrete doesn’t require any additional maintenance, you’ll be saving a lot of time and effort that would be spent removing previous damage from the floor.

    Don’t let old stains stand in the way of your dreams of a beautiful, restored floor. Stained concrete can provide years of beautiful flooring for your home or office.

    If you need to repair or replace your concrete, or your concrete has broken or failed, we can help in two ways. We can demolition your existing concrete, pour a new slab, and smooth it out. Or, the second option would be to repair the concrete depending on the level it has deteriorated. Due to concrete needing to be above 52 degrees to set and form correctly, we would need to schedule a time during the day. Our team works fast to make sure the concrete is set while it is still playable. Contact Concrete Gastonia for a unique, custom, concrete solution for your home or business.

    “We purchased an older home in Gastonia. The land use to be an old golf course that went under. Our landscaping is amazing, but our driveway and sidewalk were old, cracking, and just did not look right. We called Concrete Gastonia to install a new driveway, sidewalk, and connecting patio. I can now fit all of my cars in my driveway. They did a great job” – Willy and Suzie Smith

    We were doing some home construction and had a dumpster delivered. The driver of the huge truck failed to listen to our instructions and placed the dumpster on our driveway, crushing it. Concrete Gastonia was prompt, a great value, and had our driveway repaired a week later. We highly recommend them” -Terry and Bob McGirr

    “We needed a swimming pool poured. We are now retired and wanted to finally treat ourselves now that the kids are gone. Concrete Gastonia poured our custom swimming pool exactly how we wanted it. ” – Jesse and Michelle Poble